Ranchland Christian Church

A non-denominational Christian church serving the "ranch" communities of San Diego's north inland valley

Gather- Simply stated, Sunday worship services are a vital part of your Christian life - each week the components of our "gatherings" (assembling) are what God intended for you to stay focused, such as fellowship, praise music, practical teachings and communion. 

Grow- Growth goes from the public level (Sunday gathering) to a personal level (daily devotional) to a relational level, where you can grow in an accepting and more intimate setting with some of your peers who are experiencing life along with you  in what we call our "Growth Groups".

Give - Give of yourself - your time, talents and treasure to bless others. This is at the heart of the gospel and the Jesus lifestyle! Furthermore, God gives us spiritual "gifts" that go beyond our natural gifts in order to serve the Lord, the church and our neighbors in the world.  

Growth Groups

Our Growth Groups are an intersection of People with both the Bible and Prayer.  As we receive from above the teachings of God and offer up to God our prayers, we are connected with God the Father, Jesus his Son and the Holy Spirit which enables us to grow spiritually into the image of Christ.

When this is done in a small group with others, the power to grow is multiplied as we share with one another the ups and downs of life.  It is most often done in a home setting where a culture of warmth, trust and fellowship is developed among the participants.  

Don't just "GO" through life; but rather "GROW" through life!